Thai herbal products brand ratana
All selected from premium grade raw materials which are grown by Thai farmers And receive quality checks from experts directly Therefore ensuring that every product With standard quality and packed with concentrated Thai herbs Under the policy of production from 100% natural raw materials


Beyond Gel
Aloe vera extract 99%, Centella asiatica extract, Centella asiatica extract, 99% pure gold, 4 properties in one, with white aloe vera extract Centella asiatica extract and 99% pure gold all have excellent properties in rejuvenating and nourishing the face to look radiant, smooth, soft and moisturized. On the face, slowing down the aging process and stimulating the formation of collagen and elastin in the skin layer, excellent water retention, moisturize the skin, make the skin look smooth and remain youthful Always
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Supreme Soap
Packed with 4 excellent values in one, this soap bar contains 3 of the most Thai well-renowned herbs for skin nourishing: Thanaka, Turmeric, and Phlai, which help treat acne blemishes, rashes, and hold antioxidant and antifungal properties. Plus,
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Soap base normally comes from glycerin-separated leftovers on an industrial scale. It has been what most mass-produce manufacturers turn to for their fundamental lists of the essential ingredients in soap making.
Glycerin is a natural component of healthy skin that is technically salted out during the process of soap making. Glycerin’s skin benefits are numerous, making it a lucrative ingredient in the cosmetics market.
With traditional procedures that keep all the natural ingredients remain fully intact, a bar of hand-made soap is rich in substances that provide essential nourishment. Free from all artificial hardening chemicals and detergents,


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