Centella Asiatica

Centella Asiatica

Gotu Kola

Centella Asiatica, also known as Gotu Kola, contains the ability to treat contusions and relieve a burning skin sensation caused by burns and scalds as well as inflamed pimples by its anti-inflammatory properties.

One of the most essential constituents found in Gotu Kola is Triterpenoids, which is known for its ability to wound healing by releasing antioxidants to increase blood flow in order to accelerate wound healing phases and minimize scars simultaneously.

Centella Asiatica Extract holds a rich source of natural bioactive substances including madecassid, asiaic acid, asiaticoside, centelloside and brahmic acid; all of which is a powerhouse of antioxidant agents that effectively helps reduce redness, scars, hyperpigmentation, contusions, and the appearance of under-eye darkness. As powerful in enhancing collagen and elastin production naturally as other substances, antioxidants play an important role in skin regeneration process at a cellular level and therefore potentially reduce inflammation of wounds. Holding up to 5 times as much rich in antioxidants as Vitamin E, Centella asiatica extracts exhibit beneficial effects on reducing wrinkles and minimizing the formation of keloids by increasing collagen growth and skin elasticity.

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