Common Plai or Phlai Phlai, Cassumunar ginger, Bengal root

Plai Scientific name Zingibermontanum (J.Koenig) Link ex A.Dietr. ZingibercassumunarRoxb., Zingiberpurpureum Roscoe) in the ginger family (ZINGIBERACEAE)

Plai is a herbaceous plant with a height of 0.7-1.5 meters. There are underground rhizomes. The bark is yellowish brown. The inner flesh is yellow to greenish yellow. Originated in Asia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Can be used for cooking, medicine, skin treatment and extraction of oil.

Phlai’s Medicinal Benefits:

Phlai’s natural properties help heal sprains, contusions, and inflammation. By applying or massaging Phlai over the affected area twice a day, discomfort caused by pain, swelling and tense muscles over the area will be reduced and relaxed.

Phlai’s Medicinal Properties:

  1. Treats skin diseases and rashes.
  2. Prevents open sores from bacterial skin infections by its rootstock.
  3. Protects skin from fungi and bacteria, promotes antimicrobial agents.
  4. Hydrates skin by its rootstock’s aromatic oil.
  5. Proves adaptable for a variation of a product range e.g. cream, oil, powder, exfoliant, or mask.
  6. Revitalizes skin, prevents skin from antioxidant agents, reduces wrinkles, blemishes and pimples.

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