RATANA Beyond Gel | Ploy Thatsani

RATANA Beyond Gel | Ploy Thatsani


          Acne, oily skin, sensitive skin, frequent acne, if using skincare, nourishing and rejuvenating, or not using skin care with harmful chemicals Enough to accumulate for a long time, causing allergic reactions Is another rash This is not good for our skin. Is it better? ... If we choose to use natural skin care to treat the skin And fully restore the skin instead To make the skin beautiful, lasting

         Go to the point That is, Ploy is a person with mixed skin problems. The skin is easy and delicate. What cosmetics or skin care products do we not know about losing? Rather, the rash, the pimple, the skin, hmmm, crying. T ^ T is to stop using many things in order to cure these problems. Ploy therefore needs to find natural skin care to nourish the skin during sensitive skin. Until I try to use Thai skin care brands that are genuine natural skin care from RATANA. So I want to tell everyone to read it.



          For Beyond Gel, this bottle has features that help reduce wrinkles. Make the skin look younger Helps to firm the skin, firm, soft, and touchable. And if there are acne marks Dark spots also reduce fade And if anyone has a rash Regardless of the allergic reaction to the air, pollution, mite, this bottle helps soothe the skin. Reducing swelling And cars with



          Saying that this gel bottle has 99% aloe vera extract from organic farms with many excellent properties that we know well. Both reduce swelling Soothe the skin after the sun. Helps to moisturize the skin Reduces redness Is very useful And not aloe vera, market grade Aloe vera of RATANA brand is premium grade. In addition to aloe vera ... This gel bottle also contains Sulfora White which helps slow down the production of skin pigments. Helps brighten the skin, reduce black marks, extract from Centella asiatica Which helps to reduce rash, reduce bacteria and also contains 99% pure gold. No bleaching And flavoring with



          For the gel of the younger brother is a clear but intense gel. Slightly viscous And no smell at all. When blending onto the skin ... it feels a little cold. Then his brother spread easily. It does not make it sticky.


           Using the RATANA Beyond Gel is easy. Just after washing your face morning and evening, use your younger sister to apply on the skin Or waving thick like a facial mask (But do not wash The mask is then lying ^^) that is, the gel texture is enough to apply to the skin for a while. Doesn't add oily skin at all The skin will be smooth and instantly moisturized. Feel light, comfortable, super skin.



            After using the RATANA during the sensitive skin Felt that the rash had decreased The oiliness on the skin is reduced. The face is not very slime, it is oil, frying pan, frying the egg, then the value. And still feel that the skin is smoother The acne marks may not fade away. Because this gel bottle is very natural Expected to be used continuously for a month Two months should be clearer.



          For Ploy, then think that RATANA Beyond Gel answers the most in skin care and restores sensitive skin during our allergies to skin care. Various makeup Anyone who has a problem with gemstone skin is recommended. Is a skin care treatment with real nature. Values


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