RATANA Beyond Gel

RATANA Beyond Gel


           Must admit that in the last 2 years .. The skincare trend is made from natural extracts and Thai herbs, quite strong enough. Because we began to pay attention to safety and avoid using chemicals that may affect us in the long run This thread, so I took a facial gel from the brand RATANA (Rani) to review. (The real name of this skin gel is RATANA BEYOND GEL ALOE VERA). The powder secretly appeared from the brand's page. Target customers of this brand are foreigners. So we are not very familiar.





The brand claims that ...

           RATANA Facial Gel helps the skin look radiant. Smooth, soft and moisturized with skin that is firmer and firmer Control oil on the face Slow down the occurrence of wrinkles. And stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin in the skin layer Water retention, add moisture to the skin Make the skin look smooth and always remain youthful.


the ingredients



Let's see what the main ingredients of this facial gel are.

- Aloe Vera Extract from Organic Farm Is the hero of this facial gel Has properties to help tighten pores Moisturize the skin. Reduces inflammation of the skin. Makes the skin absorb and absorb water well Stimulate collagen production Reduce wrinkles and dark spots And has bactericidal properties Preventing blemishes

- Gotu Kola extract Has properties to help wounds, scratches, bruises, burns, has an anti-inflammatory effect and the most important Can stimulate the production of Type I collagen and III, reduce wrinkles, tighten the skin and help wounds or redness caused by acne

- Sulfora White is a plant extract that is in the form of Liposome. Its properties help inhibit the activity of enzymes used in pigmentation. And has a good anti-oxidant effect

- 99% pure gold, with antioxidant properties Extend the life of skin and reduce wrinkles of age


It can be seen that this RATANA facial gel is mainly composed of natural extracts. Causing our facial skin to not be exposed to various chemicals Makes you feel safer



It's time to review. Follow it.


This RATANA facial gel, when we press it out of the bottle Will come out in a clear gel form, but as soon as applying, it feels like being watery, clear, not sticky, not thick, not sticky, easy to spread Absorbed quite quickly, does not leave stains and does not smell

Use results

The powder has tried using this RATANA facial gel for about 15 days. Apply all morning. (Before makeup) and before bed ... Follow to see results of use together ...


After using for 15 days, the powder felt that The face of the powder is okay, the skin is soft, full of water, not dry, does not peel and becomes brighter. As for the dark spots (Caused by the pry to break the sheep's skin) is faded, moderately, without any allergies or irritation


So let's give it a rating.

P.S. Each box has a total score of 5 points. The rating is based on the feelings and results that the powder has been using the facial gel of the brand RATANA for about 15 days. The results of each use will vary according to the condition. Skin and individual lifestyle


It's finished. For women who like skincare made from natural ingredients or girls who want to wave by hand, let the powder chemicals say that the facial gel RATANA BEYOND GEL ALOE VERA is considered a good answer. Is a Thai brand With tarts as foreign ... It should be used like this. I recommend that girls try and see. See you again.

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